Venous Stenting Course


The Venous Stenting Course is a specialized training program offered by The College of Phlebology, delivered in collaboration with Professor Suat Doganci. This course is designed to equip medical professionals with advanced knowledge and skills in venous stenting procedures. Participants will gain hands-on experience in the latest techniques for treating venous conditions, with a primary focus on venous stenting.

Course Overview:

The Venous Stenting Course is a two-day intensive program that combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills development. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of venous stenting procedures, patient assessment, treatment planning, and hands-on experience with stenting techniques.

Course Location: Ankara, Turkey

Course Curriculum:

Day 1: Introduction to Venous Stenting

  • Session 1: Overview of Venous Diseases
    • Understanding the spectrum of venous diseases
    • Indications for venous stenting
    • Clinical assessment and patient selection
  • Session 2: Diagnostic Techniques
    • Duplex ultrasonography for venous assessment
    • Venous imaging and interpretation
    • Hemodynamic assessment of venous insufficiency
  • Session 3: Venous Anatomy and Physiology
    • Understanding the venous system
    • Hemodynamics of venous circulation
    • Venous stent selection and sizing
  • Session 4: Preoperative Preparation
    • Patient consent and counseling
    • Preoperative assessment and planning
    • Risk assessment and management

Day 2: Hands-on Training in Venous Stenting

  • Session 5: Venous Stenting Procedures
    • Techniques for venous stent placement
    • Stent deployment and positioning
    • Complications and their management
  • Session 6: Case Studies and Live Demonstrations
    • Review of real patient cases
    • Live demonstrations of venous stenting procedures
  • Session 7: Postoperative Care and Follow-up
    • Post-stenting patient care
    • Monitoring and managing complications
    • Long-term follow-up and assessment
  • Session 8: Certification and Q&A
    • Final assessment and certification process
    • Question and answer session with Professor Suat Doganci

Course Certification:

The Venous Stenting Course is certified by The College of Phlebology. Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certification in Advanced Venous Stenting. This certification demonstrates competence in venous stenting procedures and is a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

Who Can Attend?

The Venous Stenting Course is suitable for vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, and medical professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in venous stenting. It is ideal for those who wish to expand their practice in the field of venous interventions and provide advanced care to patients with venous diseases.

Course Benefits:

  • In-depth knowledge of venous stenting procedures
  • Practical skills in venous stent placement
  • Comprehensive understanding of patient assessment and treatment planning
  • Certification in Advanced Venous Stenting
  • Networking opportunities with peers and experts
  • Free one year MCPhleb membership

The Venous Stenting Course in Ankara, Turkey, is a unique opportunity to advance your skills in venous interventions under the guidance of Professor Suat Doganci. With a focus on hands-on training, a robust curriculum, and certification, this course is an excellent investment in your professional development.

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