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Thank you for your interest in the College of Phlebology's exclusive Masterclass, led by the esteemed Professor Mark Whiteley. This event offered two days of in-depth learning and interactive sessions at the Whiteley Clinic on 3rd and 4th May 2024.

The Masterclass featured a special session on advancements in HIFU Echotherapy, providing valuable insights into the latest trends in non-invasive treatments from leading experts in the field of phlebology.

 The Cop Masterclass brought together participants and speakers from 18 different countries, showcasing a unique example of global collaboration across 6 informative sessions, featuring 15 expert speakers, 2 engaging workshops, and live case sessions.


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Event Highlights

Live Cases and Presentations:

During the event, attendees had the opportunity to witness real-time live cases and engage with expert speakers who shared invaluable insights and cutting-edge techniques in the field of phlebology. These live cases were performed using the revolutionary Sonovein Machine of HIFU Echotherapy.

Masterclass with Prof.Mark Whiteley

During the event, participants had the unique opportunity to learn directly from Professor Mark Whiteley, a prominent figure in phlebology, as he shared his knowledge and expertise.

Networking Opportunities:

During the event, participants had the opportunity to connect with fellow healthcare professionals, students, and experts in the field during breaks and networking sessions.

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The Phlebology College Masterclass invites you to a comprehensive training sponsored by SIGVARIS GROUP and THERACLION.


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