Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Guillaume Stalnikiewicz

Honorary Senior Lecturer at The College of Phlebology


Short Biography

Almost 50, I grew up in the north of France were my father was a dedicated family doctor. The taste of medicine came despite that I hardly saw him but the passion to give people some help is a powerful virus. My sister and I got infected and we chose this way too. She is now an ophthalmologist and I chose vascular medicine because I had a specific interest in technical medicine and an eye always looking forward as my beloved master Pr Charles Proye used to teach us. I studied in Lille and after an additional training in phlebology I opened my private practice in 2006. I immediately jumped into the train of early laser developments, convinced that it would be the game changer it is now. And still looking forward.. Beyond that Medicine means a lot to me, much more than a personal achievement, it is a way of being and of considering one’s fellow man in the most noble and attentive way. Advances in modern phlebology have made it possible to bring relief and safety where previously there was mainly weariness and sometimes even discouragement in both the doctor and our patients. What a pleasure to see and participate in the complete mutation of a medical practice. This commitment finds its balance in the practice of music since I was young, and I would be happy to share a good old blues on piano or guitar with you, another form of medicine.
In January 2023 Dr. Guillaume Stalnikiewicz was awarded an Honorary Senior Lecturer at The College of Phlebology.

Professional Profile

Vascular physician, dedicated to phlebology 20 years of experience especially in endolaser, phlebectomy and sclerotherapy.
Since 2013, I decided to put these skills at the service of the training of young doctors in order to help them to acquire in the best conditions the technical gestures of the modern phlebology based on a solid knowledge of hemodynamics.
At the same time, the desire to be attentive to innovation has led me to take on HIFU as my main personal project since 2019.

  • Founder and President of NordPhlebo, venous center now gathering 15 physicians. First private center in the treatment of varicose veins in France

  • Internship manager and lecturer in phlebology and vascular surgery degrees (Sorbonne, Grenoble,Lille)

  • Involved in Hifu and echotherapy, first center opened in my country with more than 100 procedures

  • Senior lecturer at The College of Phlebology.
  • Honorary Senior Lecturer at The College of Phlebology
  • MCPhleb at The College of Phlebology

  • Past member European Society of Phlebectomy and French Society of Phlebology

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