Directory Platform

What is the Directory Platform?

Connecting Patients with Verified Members

The Directory Platform at the College of Phlebology serves as a comprehensive and reliable resource, connecting patients with verified and active members of the college. This platform is designed to empower patients in making informed decisions about their healthcare by providing them with access to detailed profiles of esteemed healthcare professionals specializing in phlebology.

Directory Platform

How the Directory Platform Works ?

Step-by-Step Chart Directory Platform

Patient undergoes treatment and is added to the Venous Registry.
Venous Registry system automatically sends an email to the patient with surveys and review requests.
Patients provide feedback and reviews on the attending doctor via the Directory Platform.
Reviews are manually verified by the Venous Registry administrators for authenticity.
Verified reviews, along with academic and professional achievements, contribute to rankings and recognitions of doctors.
Patients access the Directory Platform to find verified and highly-rated phlebology specialists.

Integration with the Venous Registry

Users can search for phlebologists and vein specialists by name, location, or specific criteria. This feature helps patients find healthcare providers with expertise in treating their particular condition


Each listed practitioner has an individual profile that includes information about their qualifications, specializations, clinic or hospital affiliations, contact details, and possibly patient reviews or ratings.

Location-Based Listings

The platform likely allows users to find specialists in their local area or any desired location, making it easier for patients to access healthcare services

Membership and Verification

Medical professionals listed on the directory might require verification of their qualifications and expertise to ensure the credibility of the platform and the quality of services offered.