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The College of Phlebology hosted a distinguished event, the Masterclass led by Professor Mark Whiteley, on May 3rd and 4th, 2024.

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The College of Phlebology's Masterclass featured six insightful sessions:

HIFU Session, SIGVARIS Group Session, COP Session, Medical Online Hub (MOH) Session, The Whiteley Clinic Session, International Guest Session

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The College of Phlebology's Masterclass also featured 15 expert speakers who shared their extensive knowledge and experience in various aspects of phlebology.

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The College of Phlebology's Masterclass included two interesting workshops that provided hands-on learning experiences.

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The College of Phlebology's Masterclass featured live case sessions, where participants observed real-time treatments and procedures performed by experts.

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The College of Phlebology Organisation & Offerings


The College of Phlebology offers CPD approved Online and On-Site courses for those who want to push themselves forward.


The College of Phlebology offers three different membership options and benefits: FCPhleb, MCPhleb and AMPhleb.


Where Excellence Meets Expertise, with a Powerful Advisory & Educational Board and Academic Evaluation Committee.


The CoP Preprint service is available to all academics. In this way, your academic studies will be reviewed by the academic board.

About Us

What Is The College of Phlebology?

The College of Phlebology is an international organization dedicated to advancing the field of phlebology, which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders such as varicose veins. Founded in 2012, the College of Phlebology brings together medical professionals from around the world to share knowledge and best practices, promote research and innovation, and improve patient care. The organization offers educational programs, conferences, and certification exams to support its members in their professional development and ensure the highest standards of practice in the field of phlebology.

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Whether you are a healthcare provider seeking to enhance your expertise in phlebology, a student interested in the field, or a patient seeking reliable information, the College of Phlebology welcomes you. We invite you to explore our resources, engage with our vibrant community, and join us in our mission to advance the field of phlebology and improve the lives of individuals affected by venous disorders.

Together, we can make a lasting impact on the field of phlebology and create a brighter future for patients worldwide.

The College of Phlebology Mission &Vision

The World’s Leading Resource For Information On Vein Treatment.

The College of Phlebology


Our mission is to advance the field of phlebology by providing education, promoting research, and fostering collaboration among healthcare professionals. We strive to enhance patient care, improve outcomes, and elevate the standards of venous medicine globally.

Our mission is twofold: to empower healthcare providers with the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver exceptional care to patients with venous conditions, and to promote and advance research and innovation in the field of phlebology.

The College of Phlebology


Our vision is to be the leading global authority in phlebology, driving innovation, excellence, and best practices in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders. We aim to empower healthcare providers with knowledge, skills, and resources to deliver exceptional care and improve the lives of patients with venous conditions. Through research, education, and collaboration, we envision a future where optimal venous health is accessible to all.


The College of Phlebology and Valuable Partners

MOH – Medical Online Hub by SIGVARIS GROUP

MOH – Medical Online Hub by SIGVARIS GROUP

It is the commitment to supporting and collaborating with the global and regional medical communities offering the go-to platform for online events and education in the field of lymphatic and venous disorders. Therefore, they bring in a top-level network of key opinions leaders (KOLs) and relevant, state-of-the-art topics and empower the knowledge exchange between physicians, medical experts and specialists.


With different digital formats like the MOH Talks, MOH Focus, MOH Bulletin or MOH Connect, the Medical Online Hub deliberately want to bring together many people who can share their expertise but also their practical knowledge to educate and enlighten others about these indications. The MOH is designed to help the entire medical community get first-hand insights and better understand the indications. For example, GPs should learn more about lymphedema, lipedema, blood clots, venous disorders, and compression therapy to help their patients directly and faster.

MOH has reached participants for their online formats in more than 65 countries and collaborates with relevant partners such as UIP, DGPL or the CWRA – And from now on with the College of Phlebology. We share the same vision to make medical education more convenient and accessible in the future, whether face-to-face or online.


Explore Our Training Courses

You can contact us for all your questions.

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The College of Phlebology Membership

You can choose our membership plan that suits you and take advantage of the membership benefits.

college of phlebology directory

Directory Platform

The platform where you can find The College of Phlebology members

In the case of the College of Phlebology’s Directory Platform, it likely serves as a comprehensive resource for locating phlebologists or vein specialists. It may include profiles or listings of qualified professionals, providing details such as their contact information, areas of expertise, credentials, and possibly patient reviews or ratings. Users seeking phlebology-related services can utilize the platform to find and connect with suitable practitioners in their desired location.


Venous Registry

The College of Phlebology Venous Registry Platform is a comprehensive database designed to collect and analyze data related to venous diseases and conditions. It serves as a centralized hub for healthcare professionals and researchers to contribute and access valuable information on patient demographics, diagnostic methods, treatment approaches, and outcomes. This registry platform aims to advance the understanding and management of venous disorders by facilitating research, supporting evidence-based decision making, and promoting quality improvement initiatives. 

Venous registry
Cop mobile app

CoP Members App

The ultimate tool for members of the College of Phlebology! Designed exclusively for our esteemed members, this powerful app brings convenience and connectivity to your fingertips. Stay connected with the latest updates, access exclusive resources, engage with fellow phlebology professionals, and take advantage of specialized features tailored to enhance your membership experience. Please note that only members of the College of Phlebology can enjoy the benefits of this mobile app. Elevate your membership experience and download the CoP Members Mobile App today!


The College of Phlebology Committee

The College of Phlebology Committee is a dedicated group of professionals and experts in the field of phlebology. With their collective expertise and commitment, they drive the strategic direction, policy-making, and decision-making processes that shape the advancements and standards of phlebology education and practice.

cop preprints service
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The College Of Phlebology Preprints Server is available for all physicians who would like to uniquely publish their papers via our server.

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